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I'm a maker. Designing and creating new things with people is my hobby.

This expert developer may look like a mischievous bandit, but he has a Robin Hood nature to his programming ways, offering a helping hand to other developers as they create awesome play experiences.

Studio Koi Koi

I founded and operate Studio Koi Koi a studio with 1 billion visits and 5 full-time employees.

Since 2020

Boxing Beta Cover art
Boxing Beta
PvP authentic combat sports

Boxing Beta was featured on Live TV in partnership with DAZN and is an authentic boxing game on Roblox.

Since May 2021


Over 32,000 followers on Twitter.

Quenty on Twitter
UI Programming Architecture Best Practices with Blend by Quenty
Roblox Connect 2023

I gave a talk about UI programming best practices including a custom UI framework Blend.

July 2023

Whatever Floats Your Boat is a PvP survival game made by Quenty.

Whatever Floats your Boat cover image depicting a constructed boat on water with a plane
Whatever Floats your Boat
PvP survival building sandbox game

Whatever Floats your Boat has been played 65 million times and has been featured on Roblox multiple times.

Since May 2014

Series 1 Roblox Toy
Physical merchandise

My Roblox Avatar was turned into a Roblox toy as part of the series 1, and was available in Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and a variety of other stores. How cool is that!

October 2018

Quenty is a household name in the developer community and is behind the innovative hit Whatever Floats Your Boat. We talk about how he got hooked on Roblox and used it to launch a career in software engineering.

Boxing Alpha cover art
Anime Boxing Alpha
Dramatic PvP Anime Game

Anime Boxing Alpha is a PvP boxing game game..

Since May 2023

Paintball League cover art
Paintball League
PvP paintball game with high stakes

Paintball League is a PvP paintball game..

Since May 2022

Quenty has a reputation of being one of the greatest Robloxian builders and when he's not helping others, he's working on one of his most popular games, Whatever Floats your Boat.

A picture that says \
Ragdoll Physics
Physics based social roleplay game

Ragdoll Physics is a light weight ragdoll simulation game on Roblox!

Since November 2020

Microsoft Visual Studio Source Control Team
Software Engineer II

I was working full time at Microsoft on Visual Studio Source Control.

From August 2020 to December 2022

Quenty started making games on Roblox in 2009 at the tender age of 12, and hasn't stopped since. To share all that experience, he's made some of his code open source so anyone can use it!

A picture of a large floating head with the words \
Ragdoll Sim
Physics based social Roblox game

Ragdoll Sim was made initially in 8 hours, and after 1 week had millions of visits! It has VR support! It now has 172 million visits!

Since April 2020

A picture of a large floating head with the words \
Would You Quiz
Quiz-based social game

Would You Quiz is quiz game on Roblox, and was prototyped in 2 hours, and then finished a few days later in 12 hours. After 1 week it had a million visits! It now has 11 million visits!

Since December 2020

Roblox Studio Team
Software Engineering Intern

I interned at Roblox on the Studio team in San Mateo implementing several new features. Some of these, such as drag-increments and clickable stacktraces, are key elements of Roblox Studio today. It was great working on a product I had been using for several years. Used C++, QT, and Lua.

Summer 2016


Over 30,000 followers on Roblox, with 62 million place visits on my profile alone.

Quenty on Roblox

Roblox VR Fundamentals
Roblox Connect 2022

I gave a talk about VR programming on Roblox.

July 2022

Windlight Bay
Open world social Roblox game

Windlight Bay was my 2020 Roblox accelerator project, and recieved over $70,000 in funding from Roblox.

Since March 2020

Roblox Accelerator Program
Lead Developer

I participated in Roblox's accelerator program, where Roblox paid me to make a game for 3 months! Extended into the Summer because of Covid-19 pandemic! Managed 2 other people, and coordinated contractors!

Spring and Summer 2020


I actively maintain open source projects on Github. Check some of them out!

Quenty on Github

Open source libraries

Nevermore is a composable open source module loader with reusable and easy unified server-client modules for faster game development on Roblox.

Since 2013

The Eyes of Providence
Best Use of Tech at 2020 RDC Gamejam

The Eyes of Providence was our RDC 2020 submission, and is a multiplayer cross-platform VR experience. We won "Outstanding Use of Tech" with this game in RDC 2020's gamejam, with 68 other teams. We made a multi-platform game centered around VR players as gods that direct other players, their minions. The theme was "2020 Vision"! The team was the same team as last year, 2019.

July 2020

5 Powerful Code Patterns
RDC 2020 Technical Talk

I organized and gave a talk at RDC 2020 about programming patterns on Roblox!

August 2020

What do Adopt Me, Jailbreak, Phantom Forces, and Whatever Floats Your Boat have in common? They’re all top games on Roblox, and they all leverage five code patterns to build robust, powerful, scalable codebases. In this session, we’ll discuss why Maids, Signals, Promises, Springs, and Binders are vital to any Roblox developer’s toolkit and how they can help take your codebase to the next level.

More Than YOU Can Stew award picture.
More Than YOU Can Stew
1st Place at 2019 RDC Gamejam

We took first place with More Than YOU Can Stew in RDC 2019's gamejam, with over 50 teams. The theme was "More than you can Chew"! The team was the team that had won the RDC 2018 Euro Gamejam, plus me.

July 2019


I've got a variety of articles about Roblox Development on Medium!

Quenty on Medium

1st Place at 2018 RDC Gamejam

We took first place with BLAST HOOK in RDC 2018's gamejam (USA), with over 35 teams. The theme was alternative physics.

July 2018

Lumber Tycoon 2
3rd Place at 2017 RDC Gamejam

We took third place with Lumber Tycooon 2 game in RDC 2017's gamejam (USA). The theme was mechanical.

July 2017

Microsoft PowerQuery Team
Software Engineering Intern

I interned at Microsoft in the Business Applications Group, where I worked on Power Query Online. I used C#, React, Redux, TypeScript, Office-UI-Fabric.

Summer 2019

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Bachelors of Engineering
Computer Engineering

Within UNL I went to the Raikes School, a small school within The University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Raikes is focused around intersectional study.

Microsoft Retail Engineering Team
Software Engineering Intern

I interned at Microsoft on the Retail Engineering team, where I worked on the software used to edit Windows demo content used in retail stores, both first and third party. Used C#, Angular, UWP, TypeScript, SCSS.

Summer 2018

Roblox Luacheck
Roblox Specification for Luacheck

Open source luacheck definition that auto-updates based upon Roblox's API. Available on Github.

November 2018


I maintain LinkedIn as a professional place to connect with people.

Connect on LinkedIn

Class Converter Plugin
Open source Roblox plugin

I made an open source class converter with fuzzy searching to convert between Roblox classes using an API dump.

Since July 2017

[Mountaineers] received mostly negative reviews and is considered one of the worst experiences for a Roblox event. Most people criticize its mechanics' barely being usable, while some dislike it for its nature.

Sponsored by McDonalds

Mountaineers was the official Roblox 2017 Holiday Event where you would explore a mountain with friends. It was featured on XBox and other news websites., and was sponsored by McDonalds.

December 2017

Garmin Avionics Team
Software Engineering Intern

I interned at Garmin in Kansas City on the avionics team and got to work on implementing a autopilot diagnostics system. I was able to design the C backend and a frontend in WPF as well as the packet protocol to get real-time diagnostics during flight and testing. This was really cool. I used C#, C, WPF, FAA Testing.

Summer 2017

Open source Roblox building plugin

Open source plugin qCmdUtl is forked from Anaminus's CmdUtl for building. qCmdUtl has been installed over 95k times. Today I recommend using SBS.

January 2014

Quenty's avatar on a white background with the text 'Do you want to be a sword fish?'
Floppy Sword Fish Simulator
Physics based PvP Roblox game

Floppy Sword Fish Simulator is a floppy game. Flop around. Technically VR compatible, but only because Roblox is good.

July 2016

Hallow's Eve 2015 was panned by users due to the general bugs, issues with its rewards and the lack of effort put into it.

Hallows Eve 2015 - Nerf Zombie Strike Maps
Sponsored by Nerf

Hallows Eve 2015 - Nerf Zombie Strike was a sponsored Roblox project by Nerf, for the official 2015 Halloween Event. I built the maps for this game.

October 2015

Part To Terrain Plugin
Open source Roblox building plugin

Open source plugin that converts Roblox parts into terrain with conversion options for preserving water or other materials..

Since April 2018

Episode 5 Podcast Spotlight

This week we talked with Quenty (the creator of Whatever Floats your Boat).

May 2020

An image of Catalog Heaven's interface on XBox showing a grid of hats and an Avatar being dressed up
Catalog Heaven UI Redesign
Social avatar customization Roblox game

Catalog Heaven's UI was redesigned by me to support XBox, PC, and Mobile. Catalog Heavon currently has 242 million visits.

August 2017

A picture showing a castle, a boat, and a variety of trees on a hill with a Roblox logo and the caption 'Powering Imagination'
Studio Splash Screen

My artwork was featured on Roblox Studio's splash screen on launch for 5 years, until 2021, one of three winners! Won $500.

July 2016

The Meadows Ranch cover art featuring a horse running across a bridge into the sunset
Meadows Ranch Maps
Horse roleplay game

I developed several beautiful trail maps for Meadows Ranch, a game about horses.

January 2016


Supporting me on Patreon helps fund my open source projects!

Quenty on Patreon
A simple flat design that says 'Voltron: Legendary Defender' on it
Voltron: Legendary Defender
Sponsored adventure puzzle story Roblox game

Volton: Legendary Defender was a sponsored game made in August 2016 to promote Voltron: Legendary Defender. During its 2 weeks of availability it gathered over a million visits. Sponsored by Netflix.

August 2016

A picture of the Bloxy Award Stage, a large red stage.
Bloxy Awards Stage
Roblox game used for the annual Bloxy Awards

I developed the first Bloxy Awards Stage used for the 2015 Bloxy Awards, selling tickets.

January 2016

Microsoft’s College Coding Competition
1st Place

We won 1st in Microsoft's College Coding Competition in 2015. Was one of three team members.


CSG Hackathon
2nd Place

We won second place at the CSG Hackathon 2017, winning $1500 in total. We implemented a Pokemon chatbot. Sponsored by CSG. Source code isn't great, but that's ok. Written in Python, TypeScript, Node.

February 2017

A green image that says 'Code One 2016'
Code One Hackathon Winner
2nd Place

We won second place at the Code One hackathon 2016, winning $5000 in total. Sponsored by First National Bank. Unfortunately, the code isn't open source. We used JS, and BootStrap.

November 2016

NRC logo
NRC Health
Design Studio Student Project Manager

Delivering a natural language generation application for NRC's dashboards as the project manager. Leading a team of 6. Used C#, Angular 2, SCSS.


NRC Health
Design Studio Student Software Engineer

Delivered feature to Market Insights, NRC Health's oldest product, to allow customers to define and analyze custom markets. Used C#, Angular, Leaflet, SQL.


Spamalot for Avalon

I helped create Spamalot, a role assignment for the board game Avalon. It's currently hosted on my website. See Written in Python, Bootstrap, JavaScript.