Whatever Floats your Boat

A game about building a new boat and then testing your design against others.

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Gameplay questions

Q: How can I earn more money?

Money is rewarded for the following things:

Q: Why can't I fire my cannon or gun?

Cannons or guns can only be fired during combat, not during build mode!

Q: I just want to experiment

Try out the sandbox mode in WFYB if you wanted unlimited money or just want to experiment. You will recieve:

Saving questions

Q: Why can't I save more than 1000 props?

Saving is currently limited to 1000 props due to performance issues with larger boats.

Q: Why can't I save more than 5 boats?

The game currently loads every boat in the backend that is saved, to calculate price. This currently results in some issues with saving more than 5 boats, since there's performance issues. This will be updated later.

Q: How do I save?

Boats, level, stats, and money are all automatically saved. Just leave the game, and everything will be saved.

VIP Server questions

Q: What commands do I have access to in VIP servers?

You have access to the following commands if you own the VIP server.

Q: How do I run commands in a VIP server?

Commands are run from chat. You can only run commands if you own the VIP server. Simply put them into the chat.

Support questions

Q: What platforms is WFYB supported on?

Currently, WFYB is supported on PC and Macs, as well as tablets and phones.

Q: When is mobile support coming?

Mobile support is now here!

Q: When is console support coming?

Console support is coming soon!